What is The Happy Career?

The Happy Career™ is a career or business that:

  • allows influence over income and benefits (from an understanding of how to market yourself)
  • aligns with who you are (to stop hating Mondays)
  • makes a positive difference in the world (meaningful work you are proud of & excited to share)
  • gives work-life balance (with time and income to spend with loved ones, travel, and hobbies)

The Happy Career: Enabling New Entrepreneurs and Career Changers to overcome imposter syndrome, find your passion, and build a career or start a business, through online courses and coaching on actionable steps for career growth and business acceleration.

Whether you want a job or to start a business, you are an entrepreneur:

You are an entrepreneur

The primary difference is:

  • with a job, you have 1 client - your employer
  • with a business, you have many clients

With one phone call, I realized the actual value of my skills and the proper way to present them. She made me see how I was undermining my skills and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. 

It was a confidence booster of sorts. Sometimes we don't realize what we know until someone else points it out. As we went over 10 years of experience, multiple industries, several key employers, I kept uncovering little bits and pieces of myself that I had forgotten about."


In the 4 Stages of Entrepreneurship, you will:

Jette Stubbs, Career and Business Coach

Hey! I’m Jette Stubbs, and I founded The Happy Career™ to help people that want to take the next step in their careers or businesses, but don't know how yet.

Using The Happy Career Formula™, I have had clients:

  • start their own businesses
  • hired with Social Media Giants, Fortune 500 companies, Big 5 Consulting Firms,
  • start YouTube channels that grow at 5,000+ subscribers per month,
  • interview for roles that pay $25,000 more within 10 days after revising their resume
  • apply and get accepted into the Top MBA Schools in Canada
  • and start freelance services to grow into businesses

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